Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2018

Christmas is coming in fast following this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations and we’ve got a sweet list of this year’s hottest items for the holidays! Join us while we cover the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2018 starting with…



While this seems like a ridiculous looking piece of mangled up metal, it’s actually the most useful grill tool I believe I’ve ever used. Not only does this baby clean just about every size of grill grate with ease, but it’s safer than a wire brush and built to last. 

This is sure to be a great asset to any father, brother, mother, sister, boyfriend, best friend, next door neighbor… (i.e. grill enthusiast) Throw this bad boy in stockings or Christmas Gifts and make grilling that much better. 



These Frisbees are nothing less than amazing when it comes to how good it makes you feel that you can actually throw a frisbee where it’s supposed to go… or is that just me? Anyway, these Activ Flyer Frisbees are possibly the easiest and best Christmas Gifts to learn with. 

Get a couple for the kids! They fit almost any hand size and have been designed to be caught with almost anything. Even your feet!



For the Game of Thrones fan in the home (as if there isn’t one) who just wants to see more things coming. In this case, more chopped vegetables, diced meats and maybe some of those deviled eggs I ate too many of on Thanksgiving…

Dinner may be coming, but I foresee this cutting board coming to Christmas Gifts near your house, very soon. 



I wouldn’t normally talk about power drills unless…

A. I’m drinking beer in the garage with the boys
B. I’m drinking beer in my buddy’s garage with the boys
C. Somebody broke something

In this case, I’m just letting you know there is a fantastic deal on this sweet drill set and the reviews are ridiculously good. I mean, what handy man around the house doesn’t need a good drill? Am I right?



The last time you went on a run (I had to think way back), I bet at some point you thought, “I wish I had a better place to put this phone.” No problem. This running belt is a thing of pure joy. No more hassles. Not to mention, it’s possibly the most comfortable belt you’ve ever worn. But don’t take my word for it. Buy it for a friend and ask them how it works!

By the way, if you’re out running again, let me know and I’ll have you pick me up some food on your way by… thanks. 🙂



I don’t know about you, but when I think of whiskey, I definitely have bullets on my mind. Biting bullets, that is. Blech. Can’t stand that stuff! That wouldn’t stop me from getting these awesome Whiskey Stones, though. I could just drop them in some tequila and we’ll be good.

Speaking of tequila, that stuff goes great during the holidays. Keeps me real warm. I’d recommend using these bullets in the glass, even if you’re alone. It just feels good. 



So, the kids got all their presents, right? NO?!?! No worries, this is the hottest, HOTTEST Hot Wheels track on the market. I remember these as a kid but less upgraded. 

If you’re kid likes Hot Wheels or more importantly, smashing them, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this setup right here. Nothing better than a perpetual smash fest of Hot Wheels cars flying across the house. 



So, at this point, if you’re using a computer and still running on a mechanical hard drive, you’re living in the past. Or maybe you know a friend who just can’t move on. I’m here to let you know that Solid State Drives are a thing and it will change your life.

We’re talking 10 second boot times in some cases. Gains in performance can enter the hundreds of percents. This is no joke, folks. SSD is the real deal. Get you and your friends some Christmas Gifts and speed up your life.



Ever wonder what it would be like to enter a picture and see what’s up on the other side? Yeah, well, not gonna happen. However, these sweet OLED TVs are about as close as you can get to that. Contrast ratios to knock your socks off and colors so vibrant your knees will get weak.

These beautiful displays of technology do run a pretty penny. Don’t let that hurt you. Not much you can do about the pocket book, though. Makes for some sweet Christmas Gifts to offset all that guilt.



Most importantly and above all else, the very best gift you can give anyone as Christmas Gifts, or any holiday for that matter, is your Love and your Time. Nothing in this world is more precious than the time you spend with the people you love.

Savor the moments you spend with family and friends. As has been told many times before, life is fleeting and then it’s gone. Don’t let it slip away. 

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