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Need Photos of Cannabis Strains

Hello friends and Cannabis Family members. CT, here.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. The reason I gather you here today is a matter of need for the CitizenTrader website. We’re gathering information regarding all types of Cannabis strains, and we need your help.

We want you to share your best Cannabis photos of any strains that you may have growing. Please email your photos to

Please keep in mind that any and all photos that are sent to the email address noted above will provide CitizenTrader and it’s associated services an unlimited license and all rights to use, modify or reproduce all assets included. Any and all photos may be used for personal or commercial uses at the discretion of CitizenTrader and it’s associated services.

Blue Dream ~ Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was originally crafted in California. This strain, along with others, has achieved an incredible following among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry Indica with a Haze Sativa, the high balances out with gentle, soft head-changes and full-body vibrations. New and experienced consumers will both enjoy the rounded effects, which settle you into a calm euphoria. Occasionally, phenotypes exhibit more Indica characteristics but Sativa seems to be most common.

While Blue Dream is an old favorite of mine, I’ve recently become more attached to heavy Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids. That being said, this strain is still one of my top picks and I definitely wouldn’t pass it up if offered.

Have you tried Blue Dream? What is your experience with this strain? Do you have any pictures of a grow or some buds you purchased from a dispensary? Send them all to us! We’d love to know!

If you have any testimonies to share about your journey, pictures or the Blue Dream strain, be sure to check out this post: We Need Your Help. We want to connect with you and share your story with the world.