Citizen Trader is Free

There is zero cost for using Citizen Trader to create, find, execute and manage options-based trades.

Is it Really Free?

Yes, it's really free. Citizen Trader integrates to your existing TradeStation or TD Ameritrade account to simplify the execution of options-based trade ideas. You will still be charged typical fees from your online brokerage provider, but Citizen Trader will not charge you any additional fees.

How does Citizen Trader make money?

Our focus is building a community of traders that can exchange options-based trading ideas that are simple to execute and manage. In the future, premium users will have an opportunity to charge a subscription for a portion of the trading ideas they post on Citizen Trader.

Features Overview

Browse Investment Trade Ideas

Link to Your External Brokerage Account

Simulated Investments with Paper Trading

Live Trading with TD Ameritrade & TradeStation

Manage Your Investments and Set Exit Criteria

Ready to get started?

Explore Citizen TraderĀ® by creating an account instantly and browse investment trade ideas.